The characterization of TEM cells, GTEM cells and measuring chambers for EMC purposes is one of the common applications for the probe system.

To examine the field homogeneity or to analyze the field distribution over a broad frequency range: The enprobe EFS-105 gives you precise, reliable and fast results of the amplitude and phase of the electric field under investigation.

A major advantage of the EFS-105 compared to conventional field probes is the high measurement speed: It is determined only by the network analyzer used for data acquisition. You don't need to bear in mind and wait for response times, conversion times or dwell times as it is necessary for conventional probes. Even measurements with thousands of frequency points can be performed in seconds - a fraction of the time needed so far.

Furthermore, the small size of the probe head enables the investigation of the shielding effectiveness of casings for electronic devices. The enprobe EFS-105 is capable of detecting electro-magnetic fields inside casings and cavities without perturbing the cavity environment.