Analog fiber optic links are used for transmitting RF signals without disturbing the surrounding field, e.g. for transmitting out of anechoic, reverb or TEM or GTEM chambers. As the fiber optic cable is invisible to the field they are a perfect replacement of coaxial cables when it comes to avoid the field disturbance caused by metallic cables.

The LFA-3 is the first in a family of analog fiber-optic links by enprobe.

It consists of the optical transmitter module (E/O converter) and the base unit both connected by an optical cable. The all-optical signal transmission and power supply of the transmitter module and its exceptionally small size ensures the field distortion to be negligible.

The transmitter module is optically powered by a high power laser diode which is contained within the base unit. There is no more trouble with run out batteries just when you need the link. In addition long-term measurements are made possible.

Detailed informations along with the final datasheet will be available soon. The preliminary datasheet is available on request.

LFA-3 Key Data:

Frequency range:   500kHz ... 3GHz
Link gain:   typ. 0dB
Dynamic range:   typ. 130dB (1Hz)